Evoting Application

It is noteworthy that elections in this part of the world are still been conducted with the ballot-paper system, even in this age when diverse computer applications are at our beck and call! Now when we can vote at our convenience—and with mobile devices—we still subject ourselves to the torture of unnecessary long queues—thanks to the ballot paper system. Now when election results can be known immediately after the whole voting exercise, we still wait for long with fates unknown, suspense hanging heavily around our necks. Now when we can do away with the headaches of ballot papers been illegally added or removed from the ballot box, when we can cut cost of conducting elections, when security is never as assured and electoral fraud never as avoided, when electorates can see voting as a thing of leisure and thus exercise their franchise without violence, we still remain the custodian of the old uneasy system! A problem indeed…

To solve most, if not all, of the problems stated above, we have deemed it fit to develop an E-voting application which is more secure and faster than the ballot paper system—reducing queues and speeding up the counting of votes. Another advancement to this application is the mobile phone integration compatibility. This means voters can now vote with their Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices by accessing the E-voting application through our provided routers. This will reduce queuing at the polling booth or might even eliminate it totally as most students now use Wi-Fi enabled phones.

With security being the highest concern of many voters, our E-voting system has been developed in such a way that backend penetration will be impossible.
We have deployed a PHP - based Content Management System, which is not only worldly recognized as secure but also known to be interactive, user-friendly and efficient. It is integrated with a database management system, MYSQL, to programmatically save every vote once submitted. This allows the system to automatically collate the results on a user-friendly admin interface as voters are submitting.
In addition, our E-voting application uses the Ajax Programming Language to deliver all pages within milli-seconds without the need to reload the pages. This enhances the speed of the application.
Furthermore, a system is known to become slower as the number of users increases. With this in mind, we have implemented a caching module to handle heavy traffic and keep the system firm throughout the day irrespective of the number of voters.
The first interface of the application provides a login box where the voter MUST enter his Matric Number and a randomly generated password (which MUST accompany individual matric Number).